Ongoing Ico

Last year, it seemed that everyone was wither running ICOs or taking part in them, with the total amount of funds raised throughout the year nearing a $ 5 billion mark.

To launch an ongoing ICO, there would be lots of work to do. First of all, come up with an idea, think it through and make sure that your project actually needs an ongoing ICO. If you want your project to be successful, it has to offer a solution that the market currently needs, and this solution should be better than your competitors. Second, you have to know well about your competitors because you are actually competing for investors’ money. In ongoing ICO, it’s a high volume of ongoing ICOs shutting down and running away with the collected funds or simply being exposed as scams. So, you need to learn the negative side of cryptocurrency and pay attention to any future changes to them. Moreover, create an ongoing ICO token which is the blockchain technology and the token itself function as blood vessels, enabling the whole body to fully function. In the is part, you need to have a solid distribution plan. Writing a white paper is a mostly technical document that describes your entire project in every possible detail.  It should cover literally everything: market analysis, your vision of the project, its development strategy, architecture and goals, information on the token and its distribution, legal issues, your available resources, a description of your team, early investors and advisors and so on. Create the website will be the next step that you can make investors see the products here. Last but not least, before you launch an ongoing ICO, PR, and marketing is really important for promoting. Being a part of the cryptocurrency community.


On the other hand, you might be the investor that still confusing which ongoing ICO you should invest. There are a ton of ICOs out there, with every single one of them promising huge returns and useful perks for potential investors. Investing in ongoing ICO, you must read details of the ICO that you want because of the risks involved that you might be going to lose a lot of money.  In the ongoing ICO list, you can find and search the details of all the company and details that you need to know. You can read an overview of the ICO, price, location, platform, the start ends date of the campaign, and other more information. On the ongoing list, you can also see their whitepaper, their social media sites and so on. Therefore, find out everything you can about the development team. Make sure that the developers are not anonymous. Always make sure that an ICO has a wide and, most importantly, open supporting community.

A public Slack or Telegram chat for all investors is generally a very good sign. Other sources like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, can be extremely handy when evaluating an ongoing ICO as well. Therefore, make sure to read the thread dedicated to a particular ICO very carefully, especially if you’re lacking the knowledge necessary to understand the technical aspects of a project. Essentially, those threads are a communal effort in evaluating the legitimacy of an ICO. Nevertheless, Read the whitepaper, this entire guide can be summed up in just a few words: know exactly what you’re investing. Last, but not least, you should make sure ICO is not a bubble. As a potential investor, it is essential that you understand that most of these projects will fail to get the end results or just simply will turn out to be scams. Others, such as Straits, which at its all-time high traded at 140,000% above the ICO price, will be a complete success.